New Fiat 500L

Spacious, fun family car

One of the primary benefits of the 500L is its large size, despite its affiliation with the famously compact Fiat 500. The impressive roof height means it's spacious enough for even the tallest of passengers, as well as supplying more room for luggage and other space-sapping items. Whilst giving passengers plenty of headroom, the 500L is also able to strike a fun and stylish profile that communicates the accessibility and energy of Fiat design.

Inside, you'll find the same lively attitude in the pared-back but nonetheless enjoyable interior. There are a range of storage areas and the dashboard houses easy-to-use technology, whilst the soft seats promise comfort and softness. However, the stand-out feature on the dash has got to be the integrated Lavazza coffee machine – the ideal way to help you cope with a traffic jam.

The TwinAir engine under the bonnet means you'll be zipping up and down roads with agile speed, whilst the smooth handling makes it easy to cruise around corners in both city and country. The 500L is also adept at longer journeys, so you can use it on motorways as easily as you can on urban streets. It enjoys a top speed of 112mph and six-speed manual transmission, whilst reining-back its C02 emissions – it meets the strict EURO 6 standard and produces just 112g/km.

Whilst the new Fiat 500L might be fun, it's also got a serious eye on personal safety, just like the rest of the Fiat range. In addition, the size and shape make it sure-footed no matter what environment you're travelling in. Optimised for reliability and practicality, the new Fiat 500L is the stylish car that's spacious, fun and family-friendly.

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New Fiat 500L 360° View

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