Mazda Servicing, MOT and Accessories offers at Essex Mazda

At Essex Mazda we are constantly striving to offer you the best Mazda offers and deals for your Mazda Servicing, MOT and Mazda parts needs. Browse through our Mazda aftersales offers below!

Duxback™ is a revolutionary glass treatment that keeps glass see through.
Why pay to have whole body panels repaired for a single scuff
At Essex Mazda you can count on our 5-Star Service.
Mazda Accident Aftercare, a new free customer support programme
Get your car battery checked for Free at Essex Mazda
No engine likes a cold start - Unless it's protected by Castrol Magnatec.
Upgrade to CARFRESH a quality hand wash & vac service...
Air conditioning provides cool air and comfort in the summer months
The Recharge ensures your air con system works efficiently
Breathe Fresher, Cleaner Air For Just £19.95
Convention tells us that authorised dealer repairs are expensive. Not true
Service Plan packages offer fixed price servicing for the duration of your Plan.
Book online through the Service booking page then you could Save up to 20%*