Article By Essex Auto Group

Essex Auto Group Continues to Back Essex Wildlife Trust

Essex Auto Group has shown its continued commitment to reducing its environmental impact and protecting the county's ecosystems by becoming a Corporate Silver Member of the Essex Wildlife Trust for a 10th year.

We think Essex is beautiful and we'd like to help keep it that way, especially as our industry as a whole hasn't always had the greenest reputation in the past. However, Essex Auto Group has already shown its commitment to this effect by implementing energy-saving technology and using environmentally-sensitive materials when we have built new dealerships during the last few years.

Now though, with the aid of technology and a healthy dose of people power, it should be possible for all of us to reduce our environmental impact whether we're individuals or entire companies. By giving back to our communities with the largest conservation charity in the county, we hope to protect the wildlife heritage of Essex for future generations.

The Essex Wildlife Trust has been working since 1959 to restore and preserve the natural habitats of our countryside for people and a wide variety of species. Their conservation work and education campaigns are absolutely vital to the future of our county.

Naturalist and Vice President of The Wildlife Trusts Chris Packham said: "The Wildlife Trusts are all about getting involved at a local level. Essex Wildlife Trust works within your community and is looking after wildlife in your backyard. That means you benefit from it, so show your support at a local level. You’ll be supporting the future, both of wildlife and of everyone in Essex – and in the whole of the UK, too."

If you want to make a difference for the wildlife in Essex, become a Trust member!