Daily Mail tells the love story of Chris Evans and the Fiat 500L

You’d be forgiven for thinking that our news feature all sounds a little strange, but as Fiat looks to build on the success of one the most iconic cars of recent years, there really is more to the Fiat 500L than meets the eye.

In a recent article in the Daily Mail, Chris Evans explains how, despite initial reservations, he has fallen in love with the Fiat 500’s big sister.

Describing the car as “very clever…magical almost”, Evans explains how the easy-to-navigate radio, comfortable sports seats and the “sunroof almost too big for the sky” were all factors in this love affair.

Furthermore, his excitement at the prospect of choosing from a range of optional extras, and what he terms as “Fiat ba-da ba-da bing” is harmlessly contagious.

Having previously considered purchasing a new Volkswagen Golf GTI or Volkswagen Scirocco R, Evans concludes that the Fiat 500L is now a real contender and a potential game-changer.

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