The Ambassador Programme @ Essex Ford

The Ford Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme allows Ford Privilege customers to nominate individuals who don't receive a Ford Privilege voucher to benefit from discounts on brand-new vehicles from the Ford Motor Company.

Who can receive Ambassador Programme entitlements?

Active employees, pensioners and beneficiaries of Ford Motor Company Limited.

Who is not eligible to receive Ambassador Programme entitlements?

Anyone not an active employee, pensioner or beneficiary of Ford Motor Company Limited or Ford Financial. 

Who can purchase a vehicle on the Ambassador Programme?

Almost anyone the active employee, pensioner or beneficiary knows including friends, neighbours and members of their extended family currently excluded from the Ford Privilege scheme.

Who can't purchase a vehicle on the Ambassador Programme?

Anyone currently eligible for Ford Privilege. Ambassador Programme cannot be used in conjunction with Affinity sales, D-Plan sales, Motability sales, Military sales or Fleet discounts.

How many Ambassador Programme entitlements are available?

3 vouchers per active employee, pensioner or beneficiary in addition to their Privilege and Privilege Plus entitlements.

What other Conditions apply?

Nominated customers must prove minimum ownership of a non-Ford vehicle of any age, or a Ford vehicle at least 2 years old from the date of first registration. Anyone who does not own a vehicle is not eligible to purchase.

If you would like to nominate someone to receive an Ambassador voucher, or have any queries on the scheme, please call Essex Ford today on 01268 906 577.