FREE Battery Check

A good quality battery will usually last for around 5 years, however, failure can occur within 3 years or less – depending on usage.

It is important when replacing your battery that the correct
specification is fitted so that it matches your normal operating demands. Sometimes when a battery requires replacement, there may be certain procedures which need to be undertaken to the on-board computer/control units.

Our Ford technicians will thoroughly check your battery and if you need a new one, they'll be able to fit the correct battery at a competitive price, ensuring your vehicle stays 100% and continues to perform as well as it should.

This simple but effective test includes checking your vehicles charging system, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery. Referencing specification data for your vehicle we will be able to compare the test data and determine whether battery failure is imminent or not.

Your car battery is the only power source used for getting your car started and faulty batteries are one of the main reasons for breakdown calls in the UK. Industry sources say that 1/10 vehicle batteries are poised to fail. So it is important that you maintain a good healthy battery if you are to avoid becoming a roadside ‘breakdown’ statistic.

So, if you have any concerns regarding the condition or health of your car battery then we recommend you have the battery and charging system checked as soon as possible.

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