Ford Offer Free Oval Badge Replacement

Ford has recently announced that this year it will continue to offer replacement Ford Oval badges free of charge to customers whose vehicles are up to 10 years old.

As one of the more distinct and instantly recognisable design features on a Ford vehicle, it’s certainly an advantage to have a clean, untarnished Blue Oval badge and the item has been a very popular commodity on eBay. It also looks good if and when it comes to reselling.

The badge replacement runs all year until December 31st 2014 and can be requested from any Essex Ford dealership as a result of any corrosion, flaking or breakage. Supply and fitting will be completely free.

The familiar hand-written script in the logo appeared in 1906 and this trademark was registered at the United States Patent Office in 1909. It was seen on every Ford car until 1910, when the lettering was then changed slightly to the style that’s still used in the badge today.

The first Ford Oval was seen in 1907, being used by Perry, Thornton and Schreiber – who would go on to become the original Ford Motor Company Limited of Great Britain. The Oval was used as a brand to establish Ford as a “hallmark for reliability and economy”. They certainly succeeded!

In 1911, the Oval and the script were brought together to create the classic logo, although it was only used as branding for British Ford dealerships to start with. The first Ford to carry the Oval as a badge on the radiator was the 1927 Model A, and although it was not used on vehicles for most of the 1960s and 70s, the silver and blue badge has been seen consistently signifying Ford’s quality values since 1976.