Ford Finance Options

Ford Credit is one of the world's biggest well-established automotive finance companies. Since 1963, they have helped millions of Ford customers in the UK buy their vehicles by providing products and services that are accessible and affordable.

Their size and expertise means they are well placed to provide you with a range of finance plans. They're flexible and straightforward to arrange.

One size does not fit all that's true for vehicles and it's true for payment plans. They have a number of ways to finance your Ford. Find the one that best suits you and your needs by clicking on the table below.

Ford Options

This plan is ideal for customers who want to renew their car more often, whilst being provided with the security of a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value. More Info

Ford Options Cashplan

A variation of the Ford Options plan, Ford Options Cashplan offers the security of a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value but with the added benefit of no monthly payments. More Info

Ford Acquire

The traditional form of car finance, Ford Acquire provides flexible repayment terms and deposit levels. More Info