The Unique Crossover is Available Now To Test Drive

Drum roll! Here it is, Kia’s most surprising and extraordinary crossover ever built. Introducing the All-New Kia Niro crossover hybrid. With this car you will experience the top qualities of a modern crossover: compact exterior, roomy and refined interior, harmoniously blended with the best talents of a true hybrid, highly efficient engine with great fuel economy and low emissions.

It’s available to test drive at Essex Auto Group Lakeside and Southend now.

Take The Kia Hybrid Challenge

Putting a Kia Hybrid to the test has never been more rewarding!

Not only will you be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable the Kia range is, how much you can save in running costs, and how each of it models is packed with incredible technology wrapped up in innovative design, but you’ll also qualify for £1,000 off your perfect Kia Hybrid.*

There’s no better time to book your test drive at Essex Auto Group - Kia!

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Kia Niro
Kia Niro
Kia Niro Hybrid
Kia Niro Hybrid


Benefit from the hybrid engine, combining efficiency with power.

Hybrid Spirit

The All-New Kia Niro is a powerful crossover that is also eco-friendly, reliable, rich with technology and fun to drive. A crossover with a hybrid spirit. Truly something for everyone.

Hybrid Body

Excitement at first sight. The All-New Kia Niro attracts attention with its aerodynamic and sharp, modern lines. The Niro’s front is crowned by Kia’s signature grille and thrilling Bi-Xenon Lights, which can easily turn the darkest night into day. Excited? Look inside the high-class, roomy interior with glossy accents, full leather seats and a spacious boot. Stylish and substantial.

Kia Niro Hybrid
Kia Niro Hybrid

Kia Niro Front
Kia Niro
Kia Niro Interior
Kia Niro Interior
Kia Niro Rear
Kia Niro

Advanced Smart Cruise Control

Intelligence in action! Your Kia Niro can adjust its speed automatically to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles driving in front of you.

Kia Niro Cruise Control
Kia Niro Lane Assist

Lane Keep Assist System

It's good to have an extra pair of eyes when you're driving. Sometimes you may not notice that your car is drifting into the next lane. When this happens, you'll get a quick warning from the beeping icon on your dashboard.

Wireless Mobile Phone Charging System

Forgotten your charger? The All-New Kia Niro comes with a Wireless Charger. Just place your phone on it and it will charge instantly without the need for any cables.

Kia Niro Wireless Phone Charging

Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be to full UK specification.
Features shown are not necessarily standard across the All-New Kia Niro range.

*Hybrid Challenge saving on purchase of a new Niro, subject to test drive. Offer available in the United Kingdom between 01.10.2018 and 31.12.2018. Private customers only, excluding Personal Contract Hire. 7-Year / 100,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty.