Mazda SKYACTIV Technology

Mazda challenged every technical convention when creating there innovative SKYACTIV Technology. From re-engineering the combustion engine, transmission and chassis components to blending moving design with aerodynamic efficiency, they left no stone unturned when reimagining the way cars are made.

Mazda's pedigree is achieved with SKYACTIV Technology, redefining there cars from the ground up, from the engine to the chassis and from the body to transmissions. Their cars are efficient, powerful and feature the world´s best compression ratios in a mass production model.



Mazda’s ground-breaking new SKYACTIV technology has redefined the efficiency, power and performance of the Mazda range. Much like the greyhound, it is the ultimate sprinter, being aerodynamic and graceful. At Mazda we do things differently by using direct fuel injection techniques and optimized piston positioning. Mazda’s unique ‘i-Stop’ allows drivers to re-start almost instantly while leading to a significant improvement in fuel economy.


Mazda’s SKYACTIV Body is both lightweight and ultra-strong, providing both enhanced fuel economy and outstanding crash protection. From one breed to another, SKYACTIV’s body is a match for the mastiff – well known for both its size and strength befitting its well-proportioned frame.


Mazda’s SKYACTIV Chassis provides ideal balance of precise handling and ride comfort. This brings a direct connection between driver and car, where driving dynamics instil confidence and safety. Comparable to the SKYACTIV Chassis is the collie, eager to please, quick to teach and excels in obedience and agility.

With a lightweight construction, more Mazda nimbleness and improved stability, the SKYACTIV Chassis has delivered refined, linear handling, world class safety and efficient lightweight design.


SKYACTIV Engines increases torque, provides low C02 emissions, and outstanding fuel consumption. A worthy match for the Labrador, a devoted and obedient companion renowned for it its dependability and ease of training. SKYACTIV-Engines – where performance and economy combine. Discover new benchmarks of performance with highly efficient diesel and gasoline engines.

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