New Fiat Panda

The new Fiat Panda is designed to enhance performance and handling, making it an excellent choice for your first automobile. With its extensive range of safety features, and low running costs, you'll fall in love with driving instantaneously.


First impressions count, and the Fiat Panda's smooth curves and perfect symmetry make it simultaneously dynamic and approachable. Based on the 'squircle' – or square with rounded edges – the exterior hints at the car's toughness and stability on the road, whilst indicating its performance potential.

The cabin has just the right amount of space, and a range of gadgets brighten up your drive, from the radio and MP3-compatible CD player, to the hands free entertainment system.

Technology and performance

Keeping costs low is important, so the Fiat Panda features three new engines, all of which are engineered to reduce your running costs. Opting for a TwinAir turbo engine, with the innovative Dualogic gearbox, can raise your fuel economy to 68.9mpg, allowing you to get from A to B as cheaply as possible, and the CO2 emissions of 95g/km enable you to save on Road Tax, as the Panda fits into the smallest tax bracket.


A feeling of security is crucial when choosing your first car, and the Fiat Panda offers a robust range of safety mechanisms to reassure you. Pre-tensioned seatbelts, anti-whiplash head restraints and airbags reduce the risk of injury in the event of a crash, and ABS and EBD help you to remain in control of the vehicle.


Whichever model you choose, the new Fiat Panda fits into the lowest seven car insurance groups, meaning you get reduced insurance fees to go with your affordable running costs. Because of its size, Essex Auto Group is able to offer an unparalleled selection of financial packages, so you can get the payment scheme best suited to your circumstances.

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