Minute Or Two MOT Check

A nationwide campaign to help motorists reduce MOT failures has been launched backed by 5,545 manufacturer main dealers across the UK.

Research from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicates that around 1.5 million MOT failures each year could be avoided if motorists notify the dealer of simple problems with the vehicle before the annual roadworthiness test is carried out. In the biggest campaign of its type, 5,545 manufacturer main dealers across the UK will be giving guidance to motorists on the simple pre-MOT visual checks they can carry out on their own car.

Taking just a ‘Minute Or Two’, the 10-step checklist takes vehicle owners through a series of quick-and-easy checks – from headlights and tyres to windscreen wipers and fluid levels. By forewarning the dealership of any required work in advance of the MOT, motorists can then give their vehicle the best chance of passing the test first time around.

"The message that we are keen to get across to motorists is that an MOT fail could very easily be avoided if a simple visual check is carried out beforehand," explains Mike Baunton, SMMT Interim Chief Executive. "Technicians at manufacturer main dealerships across the UK are ready and willing to help vehicle owners carry out the visual inspection before the test, and to rectify any issues before conducting a manufacturer-guaranteed MOT."

"With the introduction of a number of new additions to the annual MOT test just last month, it is even more important for vehicle owners to understand the advantage that a few simple checks could make to the outcome of their test. Indeed we would encourage the simple checks to be conducted regularly between MOT tests to ensure the vehicle is safe."

Please download and print the file underneath the image on the right to carry these checks out for yourself.

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