Why is Servicing so Important?

Ensuring your car is serviced is fundamental to not only the efficiency and optimum running of the vehicle, but also keeps your warranty valid, ensuring the value of your car is at its highest. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the guidelines of when your service is due will vary, so it is always best to check your vehicle's handbook.

It is important here to highlight the difference between a service and an MOT. Regular servicing is needed to take care of your vehicle, by replacing elements affected by wear and tear. An MOT is an inspection of the technical elements that could affect safety on the roads. Regular servicing can identify small problems from the outset, giving you the opportunity to resolve them before they amount to costly repairs. This ultimately preserves the condition of your vehicle, and therefore the value.

What is included in your service?

Typically, minor services are carried out in between major services, depending on the service intervals stated by your vehicle manufacturer. The purpose of these is to ensure your car is roadworthy and safe in-between full services. A minor service will normally include:

  • Oil change and filter replacement
  • Multi-point inspection of all fluids, filters, belts, hoses, brakes and emissions
  • Tyre checks and pressure adjustments (if required)
  • Brake pad checks
  • Condition and security of steering, suspension and mounting checked
  • Road test
  • Service book stamped

A major car service should be performed every 12,000 miles or 12 months (subject to service intervals) to ensure your car is maintained. A major service includes all the checks of a minor service with the addition of:

  • Replacement of various filters, fluids and spark plugs
  • Lubrication of door hinges, catches and locks
  • Coolant system checked for leaks
  • Engine cooling fan check
  • Replacement air filters
  • Wheel bearing check and wheel re-fitting (if required)
  • under-body inspection including corrosion checks

Essex Auto Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional service standards, working to the manufacturer specifications to ensure your vehicle's warranty is not compromised. We understand the importance of regular inspection and maintenance, that's why we are committed to providing honest and accurate advice, value for money and convenience when you book your car in for a service with our specialist team.

Booking your vehicle in for a service is easy with our online booking form, alternatively you can speak to a member of the team at your local dealership.